Vehicle Code 2800.2 VC – Felony Reckless Evading

Vehicle Code 2800.2 VC is the California law that defines the crime of felony reckless evading. You may commit this offense by escaping ,avoiding, running from the police in a vehicle while driving and intentionally ignoring the safety of people or property of the community.

New Los Angeles DA George Gascon to eliminate cash bail, won’t seek the death penalty

From:,bail%20and%20the%20death%20penalty LOS ANGELES (KABC) — George Gascón was sworn in Monday as the 43rd Los Angeles County district attorney, announcing sweeping changes to the nation’s largest local prosecutor’s office, including shifts away from cash bail and the death penalty. “We will be the largest office in the nation to eliminate cash bail,” said Gascón. […]

Felony Crimes

The most serious crimes are classified as felonies. Most felony convictions result in a substantial fine and a state prison sentence of a year or more. Because the sentencing for a felony conviction is more severe than for a misdemeanor, strict provisions are made to regulate court room proceedings and defend the rights of the accused. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr has the skill, dedication, and commitment to help navigate the legal system on your behalf.