What Our Clients Say


What Our Clients Say


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Meet Our Clients

“If you are reading this review, I am here to tell you that there’s hope. You don’t have to do this alone. Albert is not just another attorney. He will help you. My life took a left turn after a work incident. I was overwhelmed. I was scared. I did not know what I was facing. I was introduced to Albert Perez. I called him. He told me exactly what to do. Albert led me through this. He answered every question I had. He helped me with what to say, when to talk; more importantly when not to talk!

Albert advocated for me. I could have never stood before a judge as a defendant without him. Had I tried to do this alone, I know today, I would have failed miserably.

Albert is a not only great attorney, but he is also a really good guy. I have recommended him to family and friends over and over again. After the whole thing, I have a great life. I am with my family, I get to work, and I get to move forward with my life. I’m so grateful.Thank you Mr. Perez, for your professionalism, your advocacy, your encouragement, and your support.”

A Few Words from Our Previous Clients

Thank you for trusting us with your case


"If you want someone who will fight to win, he will... When you must win the case you must have a consultation with Albert"


"Albert is the best! My son was in trouble TWICE and he worked his "magic" getting him great deals both times. Now using him in divorce proceedings and doing a bang up job there too. I highly recommend him."


"When several DA's are your friends you know a few judges and you’re as suave as Albert you are gold!!! I was hooked for a big crime and got reduced to a misdemeanor all because several legal calls were made!"


"Albert Perez Jr. has helped us in numerous cases including a family law case. We are very pleased with his immediate responses to questions and concerns we have had regarding our cases. We have been more than satisfied with services he's provided and the outcome of our cases. We definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an efficient and thorough defense lawyer."

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Take the First Step to Freedom

Take the First Step to Freedom

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