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Resources and information for those looking for answers. Our office is here to help you navigate your legal crisis. Our team of experts have the experience, professionalism, knowledge, and passion to listen to your case, and win. 

What is the Process Like?


You can call or fill in the contact information to book an appointment for your free one half hour consultation or free 5 minutes phone consultation.


An attorney will meet with you to analyze your charges, potential charges, possible defenses, and examine your current situation. Further, the attorney will explain the law, and what it means to you, and any possible defenses. You will be prepared for the court to either tighten your case and/or work out the best possible result for you. Don’t hesitate and try to defend yourself or analyze the law by yourself, you need aggressive representation that will help you


The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr once retained to represent you, will start working on your case diligently. You will meet with the attorneys handling your matter, review reports and information once received. Then, strategize on what’s the best route to take. That could be a trial by jury, a plea bargain, or motions to reduce or dismiss your case or prevent charges from being filed against. The Law Office of Albert Perez, Jr. believes in privacy, so your information will be kept confidential.


Legal Questions; should you have a quick question about your charges, potential charges, constitutional rights, possible defenses, ask your question here. A lawyer will contact you to discuss your situation confidentially and hopefully ease your mind. Don’t do this alone get legal representation, the Law Office of Albert Perez, Jr. has almost 30 years of experience to assist you in your time of need.


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Every inquiry is important to our team. Send us a message and an attorney will get back to you shortly. 

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