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What Is Deferred Entry of Judgment in California?

Deferred entry of judgement is a program in California that allows a judge to stop short of entering a conviction in a criminal case. 

The defendant must plead guilty to the crime they are being accused of. The court then offers a term of supervised probation. If all terms of probation are completed, the court will dismiss the charges. 

To qualify for deferred judgement, your charges must be for a nonviolent crime. You also must never have violated probation, been convicted of a felony in the past five years, or entered a diversion program in the past five years. 

You must fully understand all aspects of deferred entry of judgment. You cannot be forced to enter a plea of guilty or no contest against your will. You have the right to defend yourself against all criminal charges. Call The Law Offices of Albert Perez Jr. to fight your case and protect your rights. 


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