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AB-1540 Criminal procedure: resentencing

Justice delayed is justice denied. This adage is often used to describe the frustration of those who have been wronged but have not seen justice served. It is also used to describe the anger of families who have lost a loved one to violence and are still waiting for their day in court. It is easy to see how long delays in the legal system can cause injustice. Thankfully, California has taken steps to address this problem by passing AB 1540. Under this law, the court must provide notice to the defendant and set a status conference within 30 days of the receipt of a request for resentencing. This greatly reduces the amount of time that an inmate must be incarcerated before their resentencing is taken up by the court. This is helpful for protecting the constitutional rights of our clients. If your rights are being violated and you need help protecting you and your family, give our office a call 626-919-1991. We are here to help you get the justice you deserve.

AB 1540 (Stats 2021, Ch. 719) Adds PC 1170.03. This bill’s uncodified Section 1 makes it plain that this bill is aimed mainly at the 35,000 (38%) of prisoners, many over age 50, who are serving life sentences, saving $83K per year per inmate.


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