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AB 333- Bifurcation or separation of Gang Participation Charges, or Gang Enhancements, from Non-Gang Charges

Fairness, dignity, and freedom are three values that Americans hold dear. When a defendant is convicted of a crime, they are subjected to the often harsh reality of the prison system. This can mean being separated from family and friends, living in an often dangerous environment, and having limited choices and freedoms. While some argue that this is a fair consequence for those who have committed a crime, others argue that it does not provide the opportunity for rehabilitation or redemption. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to reform the criminal justice system in order to make it more Fair, dignified, and free. One way that this has been done is by enacting laws that provide for bifurcation of gang enhancement allegations. This means that defendants will be tried separately for the substantive gang offense, which can help to ensure a fairer trial. Additionally, this can also help to provide more rehabilitative opportunities for defendants, as they will not be subjected to the often harsh realities of prison life. Ultimately, this can help to create a criminal justice system that is more Fair, dignified, and free.


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