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SB 483- Resentencing Convictions Involving Enhancements, California

Resentencing of thousands of inmates serving extra time due to enhancements. The bill states that any sentencing enhancement that was handed down before January 1, 2020, for a prior separate prison or county jail felony term, is legally invalid. SB 483 requires the Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and each county correctional administrator to identify every inmate in their custody who is serving a term that includes a repealed enhancement.

The passage of SB 483 is a landmark moment for California as it will help resentence those sentenced under harsh enhancements. For years, the state’s politicians have been tirelessly working towards restoring fairness and equality in our justice system -most recently with their efforts focused on undoing some truly draconian sentencing enhancement laws passed decades ago which were designed without any consideration given to individual circumstances or cases at hand .

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