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AB 333- Gangs: The Step Forward Act of 2021

AB 333, also called The STEP Forward Act, seeks to reduce the racial imbalance of enhancements in Penal Code (PC) 186.22 by adding Section 1109. AB333 does several things to address these issues: Ends prosecutors’ ability to claim people are gang members simply because they come from the same community, are related, or know each other; Reduces the number of crimes that prosecutors can attach gang enhancements to; Prohibits the use of the current charge as proof of a “pattern” of criminal gang activity; Requires direct evidence of current and active gang allegations; Separates gang allegations from underlying charges at trial. This act will help to ensure fairness, dignity, and safety for families and freedom from unjust imprisonment. We are here to fight for you and win. Call our office today 626-919-1991 or email, and an experienced attorney will walk through the process with you.

(AB 333 (Stats 2021, Ch. 699) Amends PC 186.22 This aspect does four things: (1) shortens the list of predicate offenses; (2) the current charge cannot be a predicate offense; (3) the benefit to the gang must be more than reputational; (4) modifies how criminal street gang is defined


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