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President Biden’s marijuana pardon: What you need to know

With the recent pardon of thousands by President Biden, people can finally put their past behind them and get access back. This act could pave way for more states to follow suit, which would lead America into an overlooking period where criminal records related to cannabis-related arrests across the country are suddenly cleared up!

Biden’spardons have affected over 6,500 people convicted of cannabis possession at the federal level. None remain in prison as a result, and without any felonies, on their records, they’ll be able to apply for jobs or rent apartments more easily! Black Americans are nearly four times as likely than white individuals arrested when caught with marijuana-related crimes- so this is an amazing opportunity not only because it saves money but also improves race relations by giving these formerly incarcerated citizens another chance.

The fate of 3 thousand people in federal prison who were convicted of marijuana-related crimes is uncertain following President Joe Biden’s recent pardon. It remains possible that an estimated 30 thousand more will be released across several states where they await sentencing on possession or sale charges, but this number may change once all details are finalized.”

Marijuana-related crimes are convictions that many people get caught up in the system for. President Biden wants these leaders to give similar pardons, which would clear up any semblance or doubt about possession cases across their respective states–where most such instances end with fines instead of jail time!

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