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Domestic Violence

The state of California has gone to great lengths to prevent any and all acts of domestic violence and abuse. Domestic violence is generally defined as the physical or psychological harm of a current or former spouse, family member, or dating partner. Child abuse and spousal abuse are examples of domestic violence. Domestic violence charges are incredibly serious and a conviction can impact the rest of your life, including your rights to your children and your reputation. Our domestic violence attorney can help ensure that your right and future are being protected. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr can help ensure that your right and future are being protected.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? The most common forms of domestic violence include slapping, pushing, and hitting. Stalking can also result in domestic violence charges – whether a restraining order had been issued or not. Any act of domestic violence that occurs in violation of a specific order of protection will result in a more severe sentence. Our firm can handle the following kinds of domestic violence cases: Assault Aggravated Assault Child Abuse Elder Abuse Spousal Abuse Stalking Kidnapping Criminal Threats And More The main difference between domestic violence charges and other violent crime charges is the relationship between the victim and the defendant. The victim must be a family member through marriage or blood to the defendant, reside in the same location as the defendant, or have a current or former romantic relationship with the defendant for the charges to be categorized as domestic violence.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I’M CONVICTED? The severity of sentencing is influenced by the extent of the injuries, the involvement of minors, and the history of the offender. A domestic violence conviction in California can result in: Up to four years in a state prison Fines up to $6,000 Ongoing probation State-mandated counseling A domestic violence conviction on your record could impact your entire life. If you and your spouse or significant other share children, a domestic violence conviction can make it so that you will not gain custody or visitation rights. Also, if you are not a legal American citizen, a domestic conviction can result in your removal from this country. Do not hesitate if you have been charged—contact the Law Office of Albert Perez Jr today


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